Berufsorganisationen / Organisations:

SGPP Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
SSPP Société Suisse de Psychiatrie et Psychothérapie

VSAO Verband Schweizerischer Assistenz und OberärztInnen und Ärzte

ASMAC Association Suisse des Médecins-Assistants et Chefs de clinique

FMH Federatio Medicorum Helveticum


European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees
EPA European Psychiatric Association
WPA World Psychiatric Association

BGPP Bernische Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (Die BGPP verfügt seit kurzem über eine Assistenzarzt-Sektion. Mitarbeit ist dort sehr erwünscht!)

Regionale Weiterbildung:

Forum Psychiatrie (regionale Weiterbildung in Zürich, Zentral-, Nordostschweiz und Aargau)

VAPZ Vereinigung der AssistenzärztInnen in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie von Zürich, Zentral-, Nordostschweiz und Aargau:


SAGP-SMSP Schweizerische Ärztegesellschaft für Psychotherapie (Systemische Therapie)

Forum de Discussion Romand de Psychiatrie et Psychothérapie

Forum Psychiatrie et Psychothérapie

Sonstige Psychiatrie-Links / Divers:

Von EFPT recommended links / Recommandés par l'EFPT


* Health On the NET HON (quality certified websites search)

WRAPIN - HON tool (Worldwide online Reliable Advice to Patients and Individuals)



Article search


Pubmed tutorials

* LigerCat (pre-search for pubmed, greatly improved the pubmed experience)

Science Direct

Google Scholar (articles, citations)





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bibme: Free online Bibliography Maker





American Psychiatric Association

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Cochrane Library (accurate,evidence-based, trustable)

Tutorials to learn how to use Cochrane

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE



General sites

Medscape (free, smartphone friendly, up to date, understandable)

eMedecine Psychiatry (free, comprehensive)

Uptodate (expensive, up to date, high quality)

* Webicina Practicing Medicine in the web 2.0 era (very good review about resources about psychiatry)

Epocrates (free and paid versions, smartphone friendly)




Neuroskeptic, Cerebellum and Sebrainstian

Mind Hacks

Frontier Psychiatrist, Mental illness for the masses (a Humorous Dose of Psychology and Science: Serve Ice Cold With A Pinch of Salt) httpp://

Core Psych Blog ("Dr Charles Parker reports on core brain and body science: psychiatry and mind evolve")

* Shrink Rap (a blog by Psychiatrists for Psychiatrists)

My Three Shrinks

The Amazing World of Psychiatry: A Psychiatry Blog

Neurosconscience (Researching Brain Plasticity, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science)

[citation needed] …and a clue would also be helpful


Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look

The Neuroshrink News, ideas, and (hopefully) insights from the world of neuropsychiatry

Dr Grumpy in the House (humor)

Psych Gripe (Critiques and rants about the culture of psychopathology in the 21st century)

h-madness (This blog follows the history of psychiatry)




Research Forum




Drug-Drug and Gene-Drug Interactions

* Drug interactions 

RxList The Internet Drug Index (about drugs prescription, interactions, general information on drugs) 

* Crazymeds (nice and unconventional site on drugs) 

* Epocrates (free and paid versions, identification of pills, smartphone friendly)




Motivational Interview




Center and Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions




ICD 10 http://




Somatic emergencies

* Common Simple Emergencies 



Articles aggregators

* Journal WATCH (good quality reviews of most important article from main journals, 49$/yr)

Amedo sends you a free weekly mail with the abstracts of articles of your interests

MDLinx, 5 minutes to stay current (registration for customized summary email)



Patient self-help (leaflets and general informations)

* The Royal College of Psychiatrists (leaflet for patients in multiple languages, podcasts, good quality)




* Dropbox (easy setup of multiplatform intranet, free 2GB, smartphone friendly, backup)

* Google groups (easy setup of mailing list, free, no ads)

Free applications for Mac

Free applications for PC!5548767/lifehacker-pack-2010-our-list-of-essential-windows-downloads




* Google doc (using forms, free)

Surveymonkey (free version with 10 questions and 100 responses, paid version)



Powerpoint presentations

* Slide World (huge quantity of powerpoint presentations about medicine)

Google search for powerpoint file - add filetype:ppt to the google search 

Zipcast (1-click online meeting with uploading of own’s slides)




Video Journal of psychiatry (Irish, registration needed)

The Doctor's Channel Psychiatry (internet TV)



Full text journal articles

Free Medical Journals in Psychiatry

Free articles in Psychiatry

Directory of Open Access Journals in Psychiatry

BioMed Central (free, possibility to publish paper)



Full text medical books

Free books 4 Doctors Psychiatry

Slide World's ebooks in Psychiatry

Wikibooks Psychiatry (little selection)



Clinical cases in Psychiatry

none found




The whole brain atlas

Atlases of the brain




Royal College of Psychiatrists

My Three Shrinks